Biathlon History

Who Is the Best?

JT Bø: Is he the Greatest Ever? Or the Best?

His name is Joahnnes Thingnes Bø. You may have heard of him. In fact you probably have heard a lot about him. And while you’ve been hearing a lot about him you’ve probably heard even more about him this season than almost ever before. For good reason though. He’s been on an insane tear, just dominating the season in historic fashion. Bø has been so amazing that the question is being asked more loudly every weekend: Is JT Bø the best male biathlete of all time?
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Temple of the Biathlon Gods

Histories of the Nations

Swiss Men:

Switzerland, one of the premier nations of Alpine skiing, has for years lived in the shadows of the likes of Norway, France, and Germany when it comes to biathlon. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t had their own moments right? It seems too improbable that they wouldn’t have had a least a few moments in the sun. But can you name any off the top of your head? The first thoughts that come to mind are probably of Bennie Weger (and his glorious beard). Maybe you thought of the Swiss women and the Gasparin sisters?
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