Nové Mêsto Week in Review Pt 2

Super Sprints: Just a few very quick things that were rattling around my head after the racing in Nove Mesto this season: 1.Return of COVID – Well we made it until week March before COVID really began to impact the season but it is back. Sure, we’ve had several athletes get sick throughout the seasonContinue reading “Nové Mêsto Week in Review Pt 2”

Breakthrough Seasons

It’s time for one my favorite exercises of the first trimester…celebrating biathletes in the midst of breakthrough seasons! There is almost nothing in biathlon that I love more than watching athletes reach new levels of success. Sometimes it is finally reaching potential that was seen in Juniors/IBU Cup. Sometimes it is the result of puttingContinue reading “Breakthrough Seasons”

Annecy-le Grand Bornand 2022 Week in Review Pt. 2

In part 1 we did our best to recap the best performances and moments of the weekend. In part 2 we’re going to take a look at some of the big take aways and questions coming out of the weekend. Today we have two big things to look at can Sturla Laegreid and Lisa HauserContinue reading “Annecy-le Grand Bornand 2022 Week in Review Pt. 2”

French Revolution?

For the French men’s team last season was about learning how to move on with life after Fourcade. As it turns out the season was more than a little bumpy. Early in the season every week the question was “where are the French men?” “Who is going to step in and lead after Fourcade?” TheContinue reading “French Revolution?”