French Revolution?

For the French men’s team last season was about learning how to move on with life after Fourcade. As it turns out the season was more than a little bumpy. Early in the season every week the question was “where are the French men?” “Who is going to step in and lead after Fourcade?” TheContinue reading “French Revolution?”

November 29, 2021 Power Rankings

Well we have one exciting week of racing in the books and now its time for some completely irresponsible rankings! A reminder on the ranking philosophy… Usually the way I think about it is that if there were a race today the person ranked #1 would be my favorite to win. If the person inContinue reading “November 29, 2021 Power Rankings”

Closing Strong

The idea for this started during a twitter convo with @biathlonanalyt1 where we were noticing an alarming number of athletes collapsing from what appeared to be total exhaustion following the women’s sprint race in Nové Mêsto week 2. We discussed keeping form after throughout the season especially towards the close after championships (Worlds or Olympics).Continue reading “Closing Strong”

Östersund Weekend Wrap Up

It was a thrilling final weekend of the IBU World Cup season and we’ve got a lot to cover. Tiril Eckhoff and JT Bø reigned supreme, a few more crystal globes were handed out, and a few unexpected names showed up. This will just be the normal weekend wrap up but there is plenty ofContinue reading “Östersund Weekend Wrap Up”

February 22, 2021 Power Rankings

Time for the post World Championships Power Rankings! Quite a reshuffle from my prior rankings. That’s as it should be. These should be dynamic rankings with significantly more movement from week to week than the IBU World Cup standings. A reminder on my ranking philosophy… Basically the way I think about it is that ifContinue reading “February 22, 2021 Power Rankings”