Oslo Week In Recap

How can it be? How is it that we’ve seen the last of the IBU Biathlon for this season? I feel like it was just last weekend I was at my in-laws’ house furiously typing out the season preview posts. And it was just a handful of days ago that we were watching with disbeliefContinue reading “Oslo Week In Recap”

Oslo 2021-2022 Weekend Recap

It finally happened, the thing I’ve been silently dreading really since the end of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The 2021-2022 IBU World Cup season has come to an end. I feel this way at the end of every season. It feels like it is going to be forever until the next season begins. AndContinue reading “Oslo 2021-2022 Weekend Recap”

March 14, 2022 Power Rankings

What a fantastic week in Otepää! The fans were fantastic and the racing was fun. The result is a pretty interesting version of the Power Rankings. Lots of movement this week as some men and women are finding their peak forms at the end of the season. At the same time there are other athletesContinue reading “March 14, 2022 Power Rankings”

Kontiolahti 2021-2022 Weekend Recap

Biathlon Returns: It was the first weekend of competition back since the Olympics and the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There were several nice tributes to Ukraine scattered throughout the weekend including a video montage of Ukrainian athletes who were unable to participate this week, the Czech team using Ukrainian colored headbands, andContinue reading “Kontiolahti 2021-2022 Weekend Recap”

February 21, 2022 Power Rankings

The Power Rankings are back!!!! The Olympics are behind us and we’ve seen all of the men and women of biathlon back in competition all at the same time! It is time to unlock the power rankings and we’re in for some wild movement this week. Some athletes looked like they jumped 3-4 levels andContinue reading “February 21, 2022 Power Rankings”

Olympic Preview: Women

We’re one step into this mega Olympic preview so you should know the general outline by now. We’ll look at each discipline, break down the favorites, the next tier, and then the under the radar selections. For this bunch I’m going to try to only focus on 3-4 per discipline and not discuss the sameContinue reading “Olympic Preview: Women”

Olympic Preview: Relays

I truly cannot believe that we are in the final countdown to the Olympics. So much has happened both on a global scale but also personally since Pyeongchang. A part of me feels like the 2018 Winter Olympics were just last year and another part of me feels like it was a decade ago. NotContinue reading “Olympic Preview: Relays”

Great Norwegian Expectations

Norway is one of the dominant biathlon nations. The sport was invented in Scandinavia (possibly even Norway) with the skiing soldiers and has deep roots amongst the Norwegian people. Since the founding of the IBU Norway has 14 overall men’s titles to go with 8 women’s titles ranking 1 and 2 for most titles respectively.Continue reading “Great Norwegian Expectations”

Östersund Weekend Wrap Up

It was a thrilling final weekend of the IBU World Cup season and we’ve got a lot to cover. Tiril Eckhoff and JT Bø reigned supreme, a few more crystal globes were handed out, and a few unexpected names showed up. This will just be the normal weekend wrap up but there is plenty ofContinue reading “Östersund Weekend Wrap Up”

Nové Město Week 2 Weekend Recap

It was yet ANOTHER good week of biathlon racing this weekend. Full disclosure I did miss Sunday’s racing for a whole host of reasons. I did catch up later though and even knowing the results its still fun to take in a race. For that reason though, and because I’m not sure how me watchingContinue reading “Nové Město Week 2 Weekend Recap”