Olympic Preview: Women

We’re one step into this mega Olympic preview so you should know the general outline by now. We’ll look at each discipline, break down the favorites, the next tier, and then the under the radar selections. For this bunch I’m going to try to only focus on 3-4 per discipline and not discuss the sameContinue reading “Olympic Preview: Women”

Olympic Preview: Relays

I truly cannot believe that we are in the final countdown to the Olympics. So much has happened both on a global scale but also personally since Pyeongchang. A part of me feels like the 2018 Winter Olympics were just last year and another part of me feels like it was a decade ago. NotContinue reading “Olympic Preview: Relays”

January 24, 2022 Power Rankings

As a reminder I’m actually doing things a little differently for this week as we head towards the Olympics. Since several members of the top 10 are out either for COVID or for training/rest in the buildup to Beijing I am going to freeze the rankings right where they are. The lists 1-10 won’t beContinue reading “January 24, 2022 Power Rankings”

January 17, 2022 Power Rankings

Well we’ve reached the halfway point of the season. I honestly don’t believe it. How is it possible that there is just half the season of the World Cup left? Antholtz, the Winter Olympics, Kontiolahti, Otepää (Estonia), and Oslo. That’s it. That’s all that’s left. Still a lot of racing but I’m starting to feelContinue reading “January 17, 2022 Power Rankings”

January 10, 2022 Power Rankings

We’re through five full weeks of competition and we have had our last regular weekend until the Olympics roll around. I truly can’t believe the next Winter Olympics are almost here. 2018 in Pyeongchang really doesn’t feel that long ago! Starting next weekend with Ruhpolding we’ll start to see athletes break away for their pre-BeijingContinue reading “January 10, 2022 Power Rankings”

Previewing Women’s Overall Race

As we gear up for the next segment of the season I want to take a look at the women’s race for the crystal globe. Looking back over the last several seasons its right around weeks 4-5 that the separation occurs between the true contenders and the rest of the pack. There are probably manyContinue reading “Previewing Women’s Overall Race”

Career Best Seasons (so far…)

Anybody who has followed me for any amount of time knows that I get really excited about biathletes with career bests. I get even more excited when somebody is have run of career best finishes turning into a career season. And I get ecstatic when I identify somebody early that is turning in a careerContinue reading “Career Best Seasons (so far…)”

December 20, 2021 Power Rankings

Women’s Power Rankings: The women’s World Cup season remains a wild ride. This week we had Julia Simon and Dorothea Wierer surging out of their early season slumbers to get into contention. And we continued the weekly pattern of new and unexpected names creeping into the top 10. I can’t wait to see how allContinue reading “December 20, 2021 Power Rankings”

December 13, 2021 Power Rankings

Women’s Power Rankings: I don’t usually do this but just a quick thought on the Women’s World Cup this season…it’s pretty wild. Røiseland (spoiler alert) has really been the only one to separate herself as being a half level above. But there is a group of about 12 women who I am not surprised toContinue reading “December 13, 2021 Power Rankings”

Hochfilzen Weekend Wrap Up

Hochfilzen is always one of my favorite stops on the circuit. Every year it provides both good racing and some absolutely gorgeous views. This year we had the full spectrum of weather from a beautiful snowfall on Saturday to just spectacular sunshine on Sunday. We also had the full spectrum from close exciting races toContinue reading “Hochfilzen Weekend Wrap Up”