Nové Mêsto Week in Review

It was a HUGE weekend in Nove Mesto. The crowds were absolutely bananas. And the action and news from this weekend started our torrid sprint towards the end of the season. Crystal Globes are being decided every weekend from here on out. And it’s the last chances for glory! A couple of athletes on ourContinue reading “Nové Mêsto Week in Review”

Olympic Preview: Relays

I truly cannot believe that we are in the final countdown to the Olympics. So much has happened both on a global scale but also personally since Pyeongchang. A part of me feels like the 2018 Winter Olympics were just last year and another part of me feels like it was a decade ago. NotContinue reading “Olympic Preview: Relays”

Great Norwegian Expectations

Norway is one of the dominant biathlon nations. The sport was invented in Scandinavia (possibly even Norway) with the skiing soldiers and has deep roots amongst the Norwegian people. Since the founding of the IBU Norway has 14 overall men’s titles to go with 8 women’s titles ranking 1 and 2 for most titles respectively.Continue reading “Great Norwegian Expectations”