Nové Mêsto Week in Review

It was a HUGE weekend in Nove Mesto. The crowds were absolutely bananas. And the action and news from this weekend started our torrid sprint towards the end of the season. Crystal Globes are being decided every weekend from here on out. And it’s the last chances for glory! A couple of athletes on ourContinue reading “Nové Mêsto Week in Review”

Last Shots at Glory…This Year

In just a couple of days the racing starts in Nove Mesto, and with that begins the last trimester of the season. There are just 18 total races left this season. Seven men’s races, seven women’s races, and four relay races. That’s it. After that it’s the offseason. Time to let of some steam, doContinue reading “Last Shots at Glory…This Year”

JT Bø: Is He the Greatest Ever? Or the Best?

His name is Joahnnes Thingnes Bø. You may have heard of him. In fact you probably have heard a lot about him. And while you’ve been hearing a lot about him you’ve probably heard even more about him this season than almost ever before. For good reason though. He’s been on an insane tear, justContinue reading “JT Bø: Is He the Greatest Ever? Or the Best?”

Ruhpolding 2023 Week in Review Pt. 1

Every season when the IBU World Cup visits Ruhpolding it feels like one of the stops. The German fans are always amazing, loud and supportive. Being in Bavaria just feels like somewhere biathlon should be competed. Unfortunately this year the weather completely refused to cooperate. This was, visually at least, one of the least appealingContinue reading “Ruhpolding 2023 Week in Review Pt. 1”

Pokljuka 2022 Week in Review Pt 1

Biathlon is back and so are we! The racing this weekend in Pokljuka provided us with a little bit of everything. We had dominance for both the men and the women. There were young athletes showing signs of their future potential. Some former champs showed us its far too early to count them out. AndContinue reading “Pokljuka 2022 Week in Review Pt 1”

February 21, 2022 Power Rankings

The Power Rankings are back!!!! The Olympics are behind us and we’ve seen all of the men and women of biathlon back in competition all at the same time! It is time to unlock the power rankings and we’re in for some wild movement this week. Some athletes looked like they jumped 3-4 levels andContinue reading “February 21, 2022 Power Rankings”

Olympic Preview: Relays

I truly cannot believe that we are in the final countdown to the Olympics. So much has happened both on a global scale but also personally since Pyeongchang. A part of me feels like the 2018 Winter Olympics were just last year and another part of me feels like it was a decade ago. NotContinue reading “Olympic Preview: Relays”

January 10, 2022 Power Rankings

We’re through five full weeks of competition and we have had our last regular weekend until the Olympics roll around. I truly can’t believe the next Winter Olympics are almost here. 2018 in Pyeongchang really doesn’t feel that long ago! Starting next weekend with Ruhpolding we’ll start to see athletes break away for their pre-BeijingContinue reading “January 10, 2022 Power Rankings”

Previewing Men’s Overall Race

We’ve taken a look at how the women’s overall World Cup overall race is shaping up so now let’s take a look at a very deep and very tight men’s race. Looking back over the last several seasons and usually its right around weeks 4-5 that the separation occurs between the true contenders and theContinue reading “Previewing Men’s Overall Race”

December 6, 2021 Power Rankings

Also a last reminder while I try to justify these choices these are fairly subjective. Also I try to be fairly reactive with rankings so especially early in the season you’ll see people going up and down pretty quick. That definitely holds true this week. Some newcomers (who in all honesty should have been onContinue reading “December 6, 2021 Power Rankings”